I’m unusually excited to live in a crappy hotel…

As y’all know I’m doing an exciting (though not necessarily mega) trip in a week, and I’m staying at the Toong Mao Evergreen Kaohsiung and Toong Mao Kao Shang Ching (lit. high hill clear) Kenting. I have expressed opinions especially about the latter, which is rated the worst in the region…gasp!

However, I feel unusually excited. The only other time I’d felt like this was last June, where the same school booked us on the Geosciences International Conference Centre in Beijing.


Yes, this is the best picture I took of the room

On Lucky’s website, people have commented that they like reading Lucky’s AirTran reviews as much as they like reading Lucky’s first class reviews. Even though only a f^&*ing few number of people read this blog, I’ll be honoured to post a review of the Toong Mao hotel chain, as much as I enjoyed reviewing Treetops Rotorua or the Heritage Boutique Collection hotels like the Waterfront (or the Ritz-Carlton Singapore if the main writer here hadn’t gone too), for example.


Toong Mao Evergreen Hotel Kaohsiung Standard Twin Room

For reference, these are the Toong Mao Evergreen Hotel Kaohsiung room types. I’m 90% sure that we’re getting the Standard Twin Room.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 5.08.34 PM

Toong Mao Kao Shang Ching Kenting Deluxe Double Twin

(I can’t even find the room with two standard beds…I don’t think I’ll be getting this room! I don’t feel like sharing a bed with my roommate, nor do I feel like sleeping on a bamboo chair!)

I feel strangely excited about going to a completely new non-luxury hotel chain (one may even say a hostel) that I don’t see a single real review (non-mass review site review) on. The only thing I’m not excited about is meeting the school at the airport at 6 o’clock at the morning (jeez, it’s a 8:50am flight, why so early?)…


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