Review: Blingapore – Exploring Singapore

CX 739 HKG – SIN 333 W
The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore
Exploring Singapore
Terminal 1 Singapore Changi
CX 734 SIN – HKG 333 W

Sorry I took so f&^*ing long. I had work to catch up on, so there’s a reason why I didn’t do the competition last week as well.

Readers who have followed me since February or before will know that I don’t talk about cities much, though I do share my thoughts. Lucky from One Mile at a Time has said this all along, and I’m usually inclined to agree with him.

Speaking of agreeing with Lucky, there’s one thing I don’t agree with. Lucky says that there’s no vibe in SingaporeI tend to disagree with that. Singapore is a lot less crowded, since it’s basically the same size as Hong Kong but we’re built on hills and Singapore is built on flat land, but it was quite busy. I liked the vibe though – nowhere as annoying as me Hong Kong, where every now and then a car or bus expelling black smoke chokes us. The city is really similar to Hong Kong, in my opinion. I can even relate certain parts to what it looks like here: Marina Bay is similar to Victoria Harbour; the Ritz-Carlton side of Marina Bay seems like Kowloon (well, since it’s got Orchard Road – the grass is greener on the other side, right? I live on Hong Kong Island) and the Marina Bay Sands side seems like Hong Kong Island (I can even compare the Marina Bay Sands to the IFC…I don’t know).


Singaporean night skyline

So to be honest unlike what Lucky says Singapore is a paradise for me. It’s basically Hong Kong with a more “civilised” vibe (e.g. I didn’t see a single person pushing metal trolleys around).


The Lotus

Singapore is a damn good place for exploring, especially in five days. We went to the zoo on the day after we arrived, which, if the weather were a little more cooperative, we would definitely have enjoyed.


Singapore Zoo birds


Singapore Zoo Ethiopian region

On the third day we went to Sentosa. I would take the Marina Bay over Sentosa for a hotel any day, but visiting Sentosa for a day is quite fun, too.


Universal Studios


Hmmm, must have seen that somewhere before


Cheesy donkey show (I didn’t take pictures of the girl making fun of herself at the front)

There were theme parks, hotels worth looking at, and…candy!



Through the evening at Sentosa we walked the mall…


Sentosa Mall

…watched fish at the world’s largest aquarium…


Nice little fishy

…and revisited Festive hotel, the hotel we stayed in during our last Singapore trip. Pity we couldn’t even access the lifts, though.


Festive Hotel Sentosa


Festive Hotel Sentosa


Festive Hotel Sentosa


Festive Hotel Sentosa

The Sentosa Express was something we really wanted to revisit, but unfortunately the lines were long, so we skipped that.

It was easy to explore Singapore. The taxi drivers and locals know at least a variation of English (for example, at the aquarium the staff introduced a rare species of “crap” – she meant “crab” – to us). One taxi driver even explained so many attractions in Singapore, it would be impossible to go to all of them in five days.

What I didn’t take pictures of were the Orchid Garden, the Lotus and Orchard Road.

While I did have fun this time (and by fun I mean this trip was f^&*ing fun), next time I’d consider a few changes to where I live. I pretty much know my way around Marina Bay by now (and this means I could walk from the Ritz-Carlton to Gardens by the Bay without road signs and maybe up to the Singapore Flyer at the other end, at most), and I know my way around most of Sentosa (or, rephrasing, I knew my way around most of Sentosa), so next time I go to Singapore I’ll aim at persuading my mom and dad to stay at Orchard Road (that means the mainline Marriott, Pan Pacific Serviced Suites or the St. Regis, I think). By the time I leave then, I might know my way around all of Singapore…who knows?

Please stay tuned for my next installment!

More pictures:


Mandarin Oriental Singapore


Singapore night skyline


Gardens by the Bay


Gardens by the Bay


Marina Bay Sands atrium


Singapore Flyer


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