The Ritz-Carlton Singapore Hotel – Fabulous!

While my Renaissance experience (before this blog) went as a “NO LIKE” on our (I guess it’s mostly his) hotel list, we wanted to see how other Marriott products comparead. So, while I didn’t choose the Ritz-Carlton Singapore (my parents did), I wanted to see how it compared. (Surprisingly I’ve never stayed at a mainline Marriott before.)

This property, while not really so aesthetically pleasing from the outside, is a stunning property. The lobby is grand without feeling too uninspiring, which seems to be the issue with many “grand” hotels:


Speaking of the room…I really have to sit down and wonder how to do it justice. The colour scheme was borderline gaudy…but awesome.




The room also featured a working space (where I am now, and I’ll try to find photos from my photo stream later) and a bedroom. This compares with most standard hotel rooms alone, does it not?




The room also featured blingy toilets with leather walls (at least 95% of the walls were covered with beige-gold leather).


(Just to clarify the beige top part of the wall is made of leather.)


Signature octagonal windows

By both hard and soft product, I’m…left speechless. The full report will be coming soon (hopefully in April but I can’t be sure with that), but here’s some pictures I leave you with.

For now this goes as my favourite hotel room in the world, because it had free WiFi… (Take that, Treetops Rotorua!)

P.S. I changed the name of the trip report from “Winging to Merlion” to “Blingapore”, since this hotel really deserves it.

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