Middle of the road day for me…

1. I’ve got tomorrow’s flight all mapped out!

I’m going to Singapore tomorrow (would be nice to see what has happened to it after three years, and staying in the Ritz-Carlton for the first time, excited, EXCITED, EXCITED!), and it would be my first time in Premium Economy (excited, EXCITED, EXCITED, EXCITED!). I’ve planned tomorrow’s flight already. I’m going to work for the first hour, watch Brother Bear, then fool around with StudioCX until landing. With Google Drive Offline enabled and no work elsewhere to do, I’m all set. (Yay!)

2. I’m writing an exciting trip report in exactly a month!

I’m going to Kaohsiung in May, and I’m going to experience the pain of the Toong Mao hotel chain. I’m taking Dragonair (well, in Economy, it’s part of a school trip), and will be around Kaohsiung or Kenting in May. (I’m coming back in exactly a month.)


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