Dragonair’s new KA 996/7 PEK flights

Dragonair recently started a KA 996/7 A320 flight from Hong Kong to Beijing, to add a choice for early Hong Kong conference members without having to overnight in Hong Kong or add convenience to those who are doing a mileage run and can take KA 900 back to Beijing are travelling to places like Clark (KA 373 dep. 07:55), Singapore (CX 691 dep. 08:05: no oneworld carriers direct from PEK to SIN), Phuket (KA 212 dep. 08:25), etc. (The flight to Beijing, KA 996, has a little more flawed times though.) Times are as follows:

KA 996 HKG – PEK 22:40 – 01:55 320 1_3_5_7
KA 997 PEK – HKG 02:50 – 06:25 320 12_4_6_

The KA 997 redeye is really useful for late night Hong Kongers coming back from the pubs of Beijing drunk, as they can slump in their seat and enjoy a late night mile high rest (oh, no wonder they deployed this route on an A320). 😉

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