Why doesn’t any airline put double beds in business class?

It’s a ridiculous question just by looking at it, but actually it just seems possible. You know the staggered seating put on Emirates’ A380, China Southern’s A380, select Hong Kong Airlines A330s, Alitalia/Iberia A330s, Thai A380s (and soon 777-300ERs) etc.?

thai biz 3

This, along with the reverse herringbone seating (on Cathay/American Airlines/US Airways) etc. is probably one of the best business class layouts out there (they’re quite much better than Austrian and Brussels etc.’s version). The window seats are private, the aisle seats are open and airy, and the middle seats are good for travelling couples.

Now that it’s said that the middle seats are good for travelling couples, why not take the first two or three rows and combine those two seats into one huge seat (twice as wide) that reclines into a double bed?

It’s not an out of the world question, you see. All Thai (above) would have to do would be remove the partition “flaps” and the armrests (hidden), add just an extra little bit of seat material (is designing a similar seat to fit in there really that hard?), redesign the headrests (or, to make things simple), remove the partitions between the foot cubbies, and sell it for double (or more) the price.

And we’re not talking about converting all the middle seaters – just the top three rows. And those who are thinking of different bedtimes and breakfast times, I’ll just take my parents for example – during holidays they ALWAYS wake up together.

Regarding seat belts, either they both share a seat belt (I don’t see why that’s so dangerous) or the seat belt hooks from the top corner near the console onto a soft hook in the middle of the bench and back towards a slot right next to where it came out, if you know what I mean.

Is this out-of-this-world, or do I have something going on there? What else is to put into consideration?

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