Review: Hong Kong Kowloon Ferry Lamma Island to Central Ferry Pier

Comfort 3/5 Service N/A Amenities 4/5 Little things 3/5 Meals N/A Overall 3/5

After spending half a day in Lamma Island, we headed back to Central. Thinking there was a boat at 3 o’clock, we rushed to the pier, only to find out that the ferry left at 3:30.

Hong Kong Kowloon Ferry Lamma Island Route
Saturday, April 5th, 2014
Origin: Lamma Island Ferry Pier (Lamma) Gate: Yung Shue Wan Dep: 15:30 (15:20)
Destination: Central Ferry Pier (HKG) Gate: Pier 4 East Arr: 15:55 (15:45)
Duration: 25 min (25 min)
Aircraft: N/A
Seat: 3G (Standard Class)

We made it onto the boat at about 15:10, and headed right towards the front of the boat.


One more abreast than the 747/A380 (3-5-3)


Seats 3A, 3B and 3C


Telly in front (didn’t play anything besides the safety video)


Looking back towards Row 4 and beyond

I got settled in beside my dad in seat 3G. Approximately 17 inches wide (I may be totally off base here) and without any recline, the adequately padded seat was sufficient for a half-hour flight, though not much more.


View from seat 3G

Soon enough, the safety video started playing. Simultaneously we left the dock, 10 minutes ahead of schedule.


Safety video


Taking pictures of nearby seats (no, they weren’t empty)


Cabin picture


Cabin picture

As with what I’d normally do on a plane, I took lavatory pictures.




Shaded toilet window


Toilet paper



Views were awesome – the windows are smaller and higher in the first three rows but overall the windows are quite big.


Windows (irregular shaped in rows 2 and 3) and nice view

As the views got nicer as we approached the Hong Kong Island coastline, the ride got bumpier, and I assume that we were going up and down a full metre or two as we were approaching Central (and the headache I still have is saying a lot).


Views upon approach

We reached destination, 10 minutes ahead of schedule.

Overall as the only way to get to Lamma Island, HKKF isn’t doing bad. The boat experience wasn’t awesome, but it wouldn’t stop me from going to Lamma Island again. Next time I go though, I’ll be sure to go during the new moon, when the waves are calmest. After all, going to Lamma Island ain’t much planning.


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