Lufthansa already out of direct flight seats for next Lunar New Year to Munich

Lufthansa is nearly out of direct (economy) seats to Munich in February next year.

I have stated that I have really wanted to go to Munich and Berchtesgaden, and if it’s not this year (in that case we’re not going to Fukuoka) it might be next year, if I can convince my parents to go.

Just now I did a dummy booking to see how to book on Lufthansa, and it was pretty damn easy to actually book – however, actually finding seats is a hard thing.

I might be able to convince my mother to take the August 2/August 9 seats to Munich on LH 731/LH 730, as we can spend 3 days in Berchtesgaden and 3 days in Munich as we did with Rotorua and Paihia in New Zealand.

However, we’re probably talking about the far future.


LH Econ

Holy Crap!



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