Are Berchtesgaden and Munich good destinations for both adults AND kids?

Earlier I said I wouldn’t be taking an A340-600 soon, but I think that’s subject to change.

I really want to go to Europe, and I think Germany is a pretty good (and safe) place to travel. Definitely, based on reviews, I think Berchtesgaden is the best place to go.

Holy Crap!

Holy crap…

In order to go to Berchtesgaden the best way is to drive from Munich, so what better way than to take Lufthansa to Munich? Of course, if we take a 12 hour flight to Munich, we have to stop over in Munich for a few nights, right, like our New Zealand trip (except we stayed at Rotorua and Paihia, not Rotorua and Auckland)?

Sadly, Lufthansa’s flight to Munich, LH 731, doesn’t have any CX codeshares (or any other OneWorld codeshares in that matter), so Economy Class is the best way to go.

LH Econ


At least, with those old seats with entertainment that I’m not sure of, it’ll make an interesting trip report. 🙂

Where should I stay? Are Berchtesgaden and Munich good places to go? What is to do in these two cities? Please comment below!


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