Why I regret not choosing Singapore Airlines to Singapore

Earlier this week I wrote a post entitled “Should I regret not taking the A380“, and I’ll be honest here – I really regret it. And this is definitely not so I can try the A380.


What I seriously regret is not trying the 777-200 Singapore Airlines regional for you guys. I’ve really wanted to try premium economy, but it comes to realize that there are about a million Cathay Pacific premium economy reviews over the internet and literally no reviews of the Singapore Airlines 777-200 in economy class (there are just many business class reviews).

I’ve been on a Bangkok Airways 3 hour flight without PTVs, and I didn’t use my PTV any of the two times I’ve taken Singapore Airlines before (blame the night timings). So loop entertainment should be fine for me. And it’s going to be totally worth it when I make the comparison between SQ short and long haul.

I’m sorry I disappointed you, readers. At least you get to read reviews of Cathay Pacific premium economy twice, even though they’re the same product. Next time I fly there I’ll be sure to take Singapore.


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