Should I regret not taking the A380?

So in April, if my time schedule at work allows, I’ll be travelling to Singapore on Cathay Pacific’s premium economy.


However the last time I’ve taken the A380, I slept through most of the flight, so I haven’t actually explored the A380. Of course, speaking of that, there are three upsides to NOT taking the A380: if I’m on Cathay Pacific, I get Premium Economy (not Economy), timings are better, and on Singapore Airlines the only flight we could book back was a 777-200.

It’s actually a pity now I think of it, since the A380 is such a magnificent aircraft. It’s especially good to sit on the upper deck (which SQ 861 provides with Economy), since you get extra space and a spacious cabin.

And seriously, economy on a four-hour flight isn’t so bad, even in the 777-200 (though I’m not sure if I can live for four hours with just a puny screen with loop entertainment).


(Damn, looking at the cabin picture reminds me of Air New Zealand 777-200 Economy.)


Should I be sorry?


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