Hopefully you’ll see this trip report in the future…

I’ve really wanted to go to Dubai (to see the Burj Khalifa). Recently I’ve seen a review of Qasr Al Sarab (you know I’m a One Mile at a Time blog follower), and I really want to go there as well.


The only problem with going to Dubai is safety records, however that seems to be improving recently. Going straight to Abu Dhabi and back is a problem because the lone flight to Abu Dhabi then will arrive at 12:20, so I’ll have to spend a whole day outside the hotel until check-in at about 12pm. Going to Dubai means I’ll be able to take EK 381, an Emirates Airbus A380 (in Economy of course, if you did know I only collect Asia Miles) and I’ll arrive Abu Dhabi at about 10-11am, which means I have 4-5 less hours to burn at Abu Dhabi. (Of course, I can take CX 745 on Cathay, but then unless I get business class it won’t be anything special.)

Okay, actually I lied. This is the reason I want to go to Qasr:



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