Why I want to fly a Cathay Pacific 747-400…am I crazy?

Oh, to clarify – I’ve taken a CX 747 before. Definitely. It’s just that two out of three times I was in Business, and the best way to experience the spaciousness and curvature of the cabin is to sit in Economy. (since the upper deck is above Business).When I took CX 747 economy on flight CX 580, I hadn’t become such of an aviation fan either.

After I got so pissed at Cathay for making the shell seats, I (or rather, my reader) went on Cathay Pacific’s A340 – and realised that the seats weren’t that bad.


There’s one thing I like about the curvature of the 747 – after I (or my reader) traveled on Air New Zealand’s 777-200 during the way back, I really liked the spaciousness of the 777. And I (this time it’s actually me) also realised all Boeing planes are “curved” similarly – making the cabin more spacious. That’s why I really want to retry the 747 – it’s 10 abreast, the most of any Boeing airliner. And the Airbus A380 doesn’t compare – they have an upper deck as well, so the curvature is not as significant.


So there’s something about Cathay’s old seats that I love – they’re…unique. No other seat looks as “old” as Cathay Pacific’s 747 or A340 seats. Take a seat from Thai’s A300:


Now look at Cathay’s old seat:



Am I crazy? Don’t you see something really antique about Cathay’s seat, compared to Thai’s? (And it’s not about the fabric – if you just take the fabric and look at it I know which one looks more “worn”.)

747 is all about nostalgia – it’s been around since 1970, and already, it’s retiring. Of course, the 747-8 is a different story…(Personally, I think it’s too contrasting – looks old from the outside and new from the inside).


Like I said, am I crazy?


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