Does everything have to be looked at from the dark side?

At about 1am this morning Lucky from One Mile at a Time published a post (reading this post highly recommended) about his own thoughts about Malaysia Airlines MH 370. It was close enough to bringing a tear to my eye. I now feel guilty that I was able to sleep last night without even thinking about it. Also how I looked so far forward to having a great trip on CX to Singapore yesterday, without even stopping and thinking about this incident.

However should people stop flying? Does everything have to be looked at from the dark side? I’m not sure about that. (I might get too philosophical here.) Everyone has a deceasing point, right? No matter when they die, people will mourn as they do now. And one thing to truly remember (especially for those who are now avoiding MH) is that this is the first Malaysia Airlines incident in 19 years.

This tragic incident has been the first truly major incident that has happened to the 777. What are the chances of a 777 crashing again and killing 239 people? Probably another 15-20 years. So the 777 is not an aircraft to avoid, it’s just…”every[thing]’s a fixer upper”. Don’t get me wrong here, I can’t even start to think of how the people who lost their families feel, but I’m stopping peoples’ fear of MH and fear of flying, not stopping anyone from grieving.

What’s the most important thing is that flying is still safe. Flying is still the safest way of traveling in the world. Don’t fear flying! Accidents on a car probably kill more people than they do on a plane. And when a plane falls (as with MH 370), remember, remember that the plane hasn’t been found – the people inside 9M-MRO might have safely climbed on a remote Vietnamese coast while the plane sank. Less than 15% of the KUL – PEK route is sea.

This is how we stay happy, not to move on, but to reflect from the bright side.


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