Review: To Peking and Back – Introduction

KA 974 HKG – PEK 320 Y
GICC Beijing
Exploring Beijing
KA 901 PEK – HKG 333 Y

I don’t like fiddling with cameras – especially when you’ve taken 20-30 good photos, and suddenly all of them are gone except one. On my flight to, I had legroom shots, shots of my milk tea…however, the only picture left is a cabin shot – which is good, since that’s the only mandatory thing in a report 😉.


That’s not my cabin picture, but…

However I still have quite a few photos on my way back, and I decided to share them. This report is from June, so may feel outdated. Now as soon as I find the camera’s cable…

Anyway, our flight itinerary was:

14/06 KA 974 HKG – PEK 16:00 – 19:15 320
28/06 KA 901 PEK – HKG 12:30 – 16:05 333

Stay tuned!


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