Hey, you can send trip reports…

Earlier reader dwi cahyadi eMailed me about offers, and I asked him if he wanted to use up his own offers and write a trip report.

First of all, I’d like to tell everybody that the Hong Kong Airline News Committee’s eMail address is hongkongairlinenews@gmail.com. It’s a gMail account, which means that we have Google+ as well, and you can find us there (if typing 29 characters is too much for you).

Second of all, you are totally free to send pictures from your own trips over to Hong Kong Airline News if you don’t have your own blog, don’t want to start one and want to publicise your own trip (and how good or bad it was). We decided that we’d credit everyone who wrote a trip report, so feel free to send pictures. (If you don’t send pictures, though, we’ll have to see if your report is really worth talking about.)

So…yeah, send trip reports!


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