End of my first trip report…

Earlier today I published my last installment of Down to Modern Middle-earth, my very first trip report. How was it? How did you feel about it?

A quick recap:

I travelled south to Auckland on February 1st, 2014 on Cathay Pacific Flight 197 in Economy, on an A340 with the old hard shell seats.


Then I headed further south to Rotorua, where I stayed at the Treetops Lodge and Estate Rotorua for three nights, which was a spectacular hotel.


I explored Rotorua in this period of time.


On February 5th (Wednesday) we headed north to Paihia and explored the Bay of Islands, where we stayed at the Waterfront Suites Heritage Boutique Collection, which was kind of a mixed bag.


We explored the Bay of Islands as well.


Then we headed back to Auckland and took Air New Zealand Flight 087 in Economy in a polished but slightly old 777-200 back here to Hong Kong.


Note: I’ll be doing some recaps on my trip reports too, so you can stay tuned for them as well.

I’ll be posting more trip reports when I can on this site. Hope you enjoy them!


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