Review: Down to Modern Middle-earth – Exploring Auckland

CX 197 HKG – AKL 343 Y
Treetops Lodge and Estate Rotorua
Exploring Rotorua
Waterfront Suites HBC Paihia
Exploring Paihia
Exploring Auckland
NZ 087 AKL – HKG 772 Y

Now, we were only in Auckland for an hour or so, but the views were spectacular, so I would like to post some pictures of Auckland as well.

Well, what better place to start than on the airplane?


Views upon landing (CX 197)


Views upon landing (CX 197)


Views upon landing (CX 197)


Views upon landing (CX 197)


Views upon landing (CX 197)


Views upon landing (CX 197)

So on Wednesday we passed through Auckland for lunch. We went to the “Live Fish Restaurant”, a recommendation if you’re passing through as well:


Live Fish Restaurant


Tell me that’s not magic…


Those cloudy days…


Shops nearby


Views along harbour

The ice cream there, as with all the dairy products in New Zealand, is excellent. And please don’t ask me which ice cream parlour I ate at, because I forgot.

I’d like to do a more extensive trip report on Auckland. Hope I can go again soon!


3 thoughts on “Review: Down to Modern Middle-earth – Exploring Auckland”

  1. Nice trip report
    Can you email me your email address? I cant find your email in this website, i have great offer for sq and cx also EK

  2. Auckland is an interesting city, and the first thing I did over there was the Auckland Bridge Bungy, which was really amazing with beautiful scenery, and also you get to walk under the bridge which is normally not possible since the bridge only carries a freeway with no sidewalk on it. The jump was so fun, that had I not have done it I would not have find the city quite interesting. I also went to Queenstown and done all of their bungy jumps, including Kawarau, Nevis, and the Ledge.

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