The Trip Report Index has gone through a few changes…

First of all, I would like to explain the fact that I now have a Trip Report Index in my blog. I know, I know. The Trip Report contained all my finished trip reports (well, five of them).

Now I will post my unfinished Trip Reports in the Trip Report Index as well. Now the Trip Report pages show the (unlinked) Trip Report name after it has been confirmed. (Well, my Singapore trip isn’t even confirmed to the point where I know which class I’m sitting in. I might as well get rid of it but then the page’ll seem incomplete, especially with the Kaohsiung trip already confirmed and punched in.)

Stay tuned! None of my readers or I will post a report of anywhere in March (yet), and in April I will post a trip report. Then hopefully until July/August I’ll be able to do a series a month. (Hey, I’m not full time, y’know.)


The state of the Trip Report Index right now (also the state of my reader’s NZ 087 Economy Class video screen upon boarding)


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