More Trip Reports to Come Soon!

Winging to Merlion – In April I’ll be travelling to Singapore on Cathay Pacific (either Economy or Premium Economy, since we gave up on Scoot), so you can stay tuned for my trip report.

Northbound Hop – In May one of my loyal readers is travelling to Kaohsiung and will cover up his trip report. He’s the same one who wrote the New Zealand trip report, and he’s sending them to me via Google+, post by post.

VANCOOVA! – In June I might (and I repeat, might) be travelling to Vancouver, and that may be exciting (though it may just be a report on the flight to and back).

Kyushu Karnival – And finally in July/August the same reader might be going to Fukuoka (and again I repeat, might) so that might be interesting to stay tuned to as well.

The names are just cheesy names thought up on the spot and may be changed. (And here you can see how much less cheesy the names my reader gave are, compared to mine…)

Thanks so much for reading my blog!


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