Cathay Pacific’s exceptional effort to save the survivors from Typhoon Haiyan…

Back last Friday Cathay Pacific announced that their contribution to the Philippines Haiyan Typhoon (which killed over 6.2 thousand people on Friday, November 8) has topped $6 million as of January 17th, 2014.

This is unbelievable. Their website states: “Soon after the storm, the Group launched an inflight appeal together with a staff appeal to raise funds to help the ongoing relief effort. The company pledged that it would match, dollar-for-dollar, all staff donations. In total, HK$5 million in cash was raised through the company’s appeal. Some HK$1.4 million of this came from passenger donations, collected through the Change for Good inflight fundraising programme between 19 and 30 November, which will be used to support the typhoon relief work of the Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF. The HK$3.6 million contributed through staff donations and company matching will be donated to the Hong Kong Red Cross and other Red Cross Societies overseas.”

Kudos to Cathay Pacific!

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