Review: Hong Kong Wu Kwai Sha YMCA Self Service Hotel

Ranking: Location 4/5 Service 4/5 Modernity 2/5 Little things 5/5 Meals 1/5 Overall 3/5

You can never blame a no-frills hotel if your bed isn’t made, or you lose something. This hotel was one of the best no-frills hotel I’ve been to, and doesn’t seem like a dorm at all. Apart from 6-person rooms, bungalows are also available, which I’ve never seen in Hong Kong.

Getting there

The hotel is a 10-minute walk from Ma On Shan MTR station, which is quite far away from most sights. However the YMCA campus, with its nearby bicycle trails, the Ma On Shan mall, and barbecue pits and huge grasslands (thumbs up if you agree that it feels like a resort), is an attraction by itself.

image (14)

Bicycle Trail

image (15)

Restaurants nearby

image (12)

Restaurants nearby

The Room

Hong Kong Wu Kwai Sha YMCA Self Service Hotel
Check-in: Friday, January 10, 2014
Room Type: Standard Room
Room Number: 204
Stay duration: 2 nights
Check-out: Sunday, January 12, 2014

The room was not modern or cutting edge by any means, but it was quite good, especially with the fact that we had a spare bed. A friend and I took the extra pillow and blanket respectively, and I should say that was a heck of a sleeping area.

image (11)

The bed below mine (occupied by a friend)

image (10)

Another shot of the bed below mine

image (9)

My own bed (I set it myself)

image (11)

The bunk in overview

I didn’t get any pictures of the other two bunks, but they were identical. Other things included a wooden table with six wooden chairs, and they were perfect for working. I worked on my bed (all I had to do was digital work on my phone), but the others seemed quite comfortable. Other amenities in the non-bathroom section of the room was a table, a closet and a kettle (there was boiling water provided on the first floor, and we were in room 204).

The problem was that the rooms used a key – I forgot to lock the door, and when we came back three laptops were stolen. Apparently one of our friends decided to keep the computers safe in his room 201 while teaching me a lesson to lock the door, but that could really be a safety hazard in the future.

The Bathroom

This is the part I most compliment. First things first, the exhaust fan goes on automatically when I turn the lights on. And secondly, there are stalls for both the toilet and the bathroom so even if you were sharing a bathroom with a person of a different gender you could use the toilet while someone else is using the shower.

image (1)

The bathroom stall lock

image (7)

The door (old but very thoughtful)

image (5)

Overview of the shower (sorry for my awful panorama)

image (3)

Shower head close up



image (2)

Shower knob (you don’t have to be blasted with cold water since the stall is quite large)

image (4)

Yes, that is a mini sink in the bathroom!


I didn’t take a picture of the cafeteria, but the food is almost inedible. Kudos to the sloppy team for the food – you did a great job. Upsides are the small cafeteria, where there are really good fried chicken wings and drumsticks that are delicious (unlike anything else).

Since drinks are included in this category, the drink vendors included drinks I had seen for the first time in my life.

image (6)

Say what?!


So this is a self service hotel that doesn’t cost a lot, so the bed wasn’t set and the room was dirty, but that wasn’t a problem to consider in such a hotel (sorry if this is offensive, Y.M.C.A.). However after the three computers were lost and we couldn’t find them, we walked halfway through the resort and reported them to the lost property, and we were slightly bemused by their reactions. They were priceless. They made a 5 minute fuss while we stood there worried, and they told us to report lost property. We reported to the manager and saw the same reaction. Now guess our reaction when the guy in room 201 told us…Overall, it was quite good.


Overall, this was one of the best no-frills hotels I have ever been to. Not that there have been a lot, but the others really seemed like dorms. This is highly recommended if you’re on a budget.

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