The increasing crowd: Australians coming to Hong Kong for London

The title states so because of the luxury first, business and economy choices Cathay gives us (although only business and economy apply from Australia to Hong Kong). Travellers have named this the Kangaroo Route, and it goes as follows:

An old school Kangaroo Route:

old school

Not everyone would look for the trek from SYD – LHR in the 1990s. The connection called for an inter Australia flight to DRW continuing on regionally to SIN, a really short trek to BKK and into india via DEL, then turning into the UAE (DXB). It goes on, continuing on to Cairo in Egypt, and at last Tripoli in Libya, then to a leg to LHR which is about as long as from Hong Kong to Ko Samui in Thailand.

Now it’s a whole different story:

new school

Hong Kong, you see, is one of these routes, and also a major option. SYD based travellers (as well as MEL, PER etc based travellers) love choosing Hong Kong as a stopover (blame Cathay’s next-generation configurations for that). Apart from Hong Kong, people are increasingly choosing SIN because of the new SQ configuration. However we’ve listed a lot more: DOH (QR), NRT (JL), SFO (UA), CAN (CZ), PEK (CA), DEL (AI) and DXB (EK) etc. We’ve also listed some less thought of destinations such as EZE.

Obviously, there are places we haven’t put on because they are less known for the Kangaroo route. Take JNB for example.

Just to inform why HKIA is always so crowded.


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