American to bring itself to Hong Kong

American should have come earlier, but it was just yesterday that American Airlines announced that they would bring their new Cathay-inspired B777-300ER to Hong Kong from Dallas Fort Worth.

In those big birds they would install their new First Class, a replica of Cathay Pacific’s business class, what looks like a replica of Cathay’s economy class (as Economy+) and the super slim (speaking of width) notorious 3-4-3 economy layout.

And trust me, they look good. (Yes, even economy.)


That’s AA’s first class that takes role as the pointy end of the bird that comes to Hong Kong.


American’s new business class is fully flat and bears a striking resemblance to Cathay’s business class of 2011, see below.


That’s Main Cabin Extra, or Premium Economy, which looks quite like CX’s economy class.


They don’t look bad, do they?

So expect AA to roll in its big bird in June 2014 – which is a long time away, but when they come, it’ll be worth the wait. AA seems to want to fly the bird (actually, birds) here daily, with schedules to be announced later this year, or possibly early the next.

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