Business Class on Jetstar’s 787


Jetstar’s B787-8 is going to arrive Melbourne on Thursday this coming week under the special flight number JQ 7878. Earlier this year AusBT (the Australian website that HKAN was based on) sent out a dream for business class passengers, even though it was labelled as “the fictional Jetstar economy class – Project Sirius”:

jetstar 5

Well, yeah, I wish. However, the real Jetstar business class’ pictures have been released. They don’t look as comfortable, but we can live with it:

jetstar 2

Jetstar’s website: “Comfortable Seating”


The actual seat

It looks a tad more comfortable than the old jet-black Jetstar business class, but they are still generous recliners. After all, Jetstar is a low cost carrier.

jetstar 4

You can see a striking resemblance between Jetstar’s business class and Qantas’ premium economy class, even though Qantas’ premium economy class has slimline seats and not as good padding.

It’s not what one should choose for a long flight, but it is a great improvement over Jetstar’s previous business class.

For a refresher of what a recliner is, see our thorough guide to business class seats and layouts


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