Hong Kong to Narita on CX: Preferred Routes

On Cathay Pacific, there are four direct flights from HKG to NRT that all operate daily, and all of them operate on different aircraft. Some of them even operate on different days. Here’s a nutshell of which flights are best for each day:


  1. CX 524 (01:00 – 06:10) A330-300 This has a very comfortable product and has Premium Economy and Cirrus Business Class.
  2. CX 504 (09:10 – 14:40) B777-300 This has the old shell Economy Class, but has a brand new Business Class refit.
  3. CX 500 (15:10 – 20:30) B777-300 This has the same product as CX 504. However that is left with one major problem: this flight leaves quite early for Japanese passengers and arrives very late for Hong Kong passengers. Time is important too…
  4. CX 520 (10:35 – 15:55) A330-300 This has the shell Economy product as well, but the older Business product that is not idyllic for most business travellers.


All the routes have the same products except:

  1. CX 500 (15:10 – 20:30) B777-200 Very old products. Hope this aircraft type will be eliminated from CX fleet or changed soon with new (no shell) products. Last place for now.


  1. CX 524 (01:00 – 06:10) A330-300 Very consistent product eh? Awesome product.
  2. CX 504 (09:10 – 14:40) B777-300 Very consistent product as well.
  3. CX 520 (10:35 – 15:55) B777-200 Again, the ancient product.
  4. CX 500 (15:10 – 20:30) B777-200 Same as CX 520


  1. CX 520 (10:35 – 15:55) B777-300ER This is one of the flights you should make a grab for. It has a daytime service with a wide business class and premium economy, and should be traveller grab (unless you are a business traveller, in that case take CX 524)…
  2. CX 524 (01:00 – 06:10) A330-300 Same as its normal product.
  3. CX 504 (09:05 – 14:40) B777-300 Once again, welcome regional perfection.
  4. CX 500 (15:10 – 20:30) B777-300 Same as CX 504 once again.


Same as Tuesday.


Same as Friday except CX 500 (15:10 – 20:30) runs on an A330.


Same as Thursday (grab CX 520 if you can) except CX 500 (15:10 – 20:30) runs on a B777-200 (one to avoid).


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